The Benefits of a Career in STEM

The Benefits of a Career in STEM

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Every child has an ambition. As they grow older, these ambitions may change or become more specific according to their interests. If your child develops an affinity towards science, why not encourage them to consider a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)?

Early exposure to STEM education and its potential will help your child realize his or her interest in the subjects. This article will help you understand the benefits of working in a STEM-related industry.

STEM industries run like well-oiled machines that require all components to be working in tip-top condition. Those interested in pursuing STEM careers should have a deep-seated passion and interest in science. STEM jobs require a highly specialised workforce that has mastered specific scientific knowledge and is well-versed in its applications.

The journey of working towards a career in STEM is a rigorous one. Nonetheless, those that succeed will be rewarded with the many benefits that come with it.  These benefits include:

Global Demand

Each country in the world has dedicated sectors that deal with STEM-related industries. We can see the growth of these industries by observing the rising number of related brands and products that penetrate the market. For example, the smartphone industry has been a rising star since the introduction of the very first portable phone to consumers. Since then, smartphone companies have risen all over the globe.

There is steep competition between companies to win over the hearts of consumers by introducing the newest technology coupled with the sleekest designs. To stay on top of the game, companies need to be equipped with a workforce that is talented, innovative and creative.

This is where the demand for STEM graduates come in. STEM graduates are highly sought after across the globe. A STEM graduate that has completed his or her degree with good standing will have a good chance of securing a job almost anywhere in the world.

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Besides the ease of finding a job, STEM careers are also incredibly stable compared to careers in other sectors. This is because STEM-related jobs are highly specialized and require the expertise of an individual who has been trained in a specific field. As such, companies will definitely provide an employment package with good remuneration and benefits for successful applicants. It is safe to say that STEM-related careers offer job stability and security.

One such career is environmental science. As society becomes more informed, their awareness of the environment has also increased. There is now increasing demand for more sustainable solutions to environmental challenges such as climate change, sustainable energy sources et cetera.

The demand for environmental experts has opened up opportunities for environmental scientists. The prospects of a career in environmental science is promising and will continue to be in demand in the future.

Another stable STEM-related career is computer programming. A computer programmer’s job is to write codes (instructions) for computers to perform. Once a code is written, the programmer will test and debug the code to ensure that the intended instruction is smoothly executed by the computer.

Coding may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of concentration, patience and dedication as it is essentially a special language for computers that is unlike any human language. Those who can master coding are able to harness the full potential of the computer and the internet. In this digital age, the skills and knowledge of computer programmers are highly sought after as businesses jump on the technology bandwagon.

Man in STEM career doing programming on a desktop computer

Expanding field

As the saying goes ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. STEM industries have made great strides in the development of our world. This is demonstrated through the research and development of various scientific theories and their subsequent real-world applications. As such, there is a constant expectation for the next ‘big thing’.

Those who take the plunge and pursue a STEM-related career will find themselves immersed in a work culture that is constantly working on making new discoveries. This will open up a plethora of opportunities for fresh graduates to learn from industry experts and also play a part in transforming scientific theories into reality.

Our world will always be faced with new challenges that require the assistance of STEM industries. At this moment, the medical sector is at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19. Medical scientists and researchers are racing against time to study the virus in order to come up with a viable vaccine while doctors and nurses are risking their lives to save patients from succumbing to the virus.

Without the existence of these professionals, our world will be left defenceless in the face of these challenges. History has shown us that there is an unending list of issues to overcome. This includes the need to find a cure for cancer, climate change, dwindling food supplies and many more.

STEM professionals hold the key to overcoming these challenges. It will take time and effort to come up with solutions to our problems. Nonetheless, those who dedicate their lives to STEM can expect to have a lifetime of discoveries ahead of them.

Woman in STEM career working with blood samples in laboratory


STEM careers have the potential to be extremely gratifying. Throughout history, people in science have led the way in introducing new scientific theories and inventions that changed the course of history.

Today, STEM professionals continue the legacy of pioneering scientists and researchers by making new discoveries and taking technological innovations to greater heights.

Essentially, STEM careers bring about a positive impact to the world and the lives of everyone in the world. Those involved in STEM will be able to achieve a high level of job satisfaction as they continue to touch the lives of others through their scientific contributions.

Children are the leaders of the future. Their generation will be the one to take over and helm positions in STEM industries. Their responsibility will be to take these industries to greater heights. As such, we must start with cultivating interest and building a foundation in science among our children. Here at The Science Academy (TSA), our team of dedicated tutors are ready to provide your child with top-notch science tuition. Our tutors focus on science enrichment by reinforcing your child’s scientific knowledge through a comprehensive and creative syllabus that could potentially kickstart your child’s career in STEM.

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