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Aaron Avatar

I joined Mr Yu and Mr teo’s Chemistry, Physics and amath class during the End-Of-Year holiday of Sec 3. Back then my concept of both sciences were really bad, however... read more

Sarah Lee Avatar
Sarah Lee

The Science Academy (TSA) reignited my son’s interest in Chemistry and Physics as well as Amaths. Mr Yu and Mr Teo have a firm & steady approach to these youths…... read more

Oliver Choy Avatar
Oliver Choy

Teaching style is wonderful! Definitely recommended!

vivian zhang Avatar
vivian zhang

Big thanks to Mr Yu & Mr Teo for their clear explanations. They are very committed teachers who have helped to improve grades tremendously. They have always try their best... read more

Elijah Soon Avatar
Elijah Soon

Mr Teo and mr Yu are both very handsome

Kwang Yang Chia Avatar
Kwang Yang Chia

Very experienced tutor that recently opened his own tuition centre. Standard has been consistent ever since I joined him a few years back. Wonderful materials paired with extraordinary teaching.

Titus Soh Avatar
Titus Soh

I first enrolled into Mr Yu’s chemistry class after failing my chemistry whetting am E8. After attending Mr Yu’s Chem classes and getting encouraged by him to do extra lessons,... read more

Wesley Choi Avatar
Wesley Choi

Pros: sleep in lectureCons: chided for getting higher than those who listen in lecture

hao han Avatar
hao han

I was with Mr Yu for S4 Biology and he has been nothing short of competent. Mr Yu is a very knowledgable tutor. When going through answers, he never fails... read more

felynn chua Avatar
felynn chua

I first started lessons with Mr Yu in Sec 3 as I was not confident with tackling the chem syllabus and my school’s exam. Since then, I’ve continued up till... read more

Dragod 21 Avatar
Dragod 21

Thks mr tan and mr teo

Carlos Tapay Avatar
Carlos Tapay

I learnt alot of things and tutor is very good 🙂

Saltyshima Rei Avatar
Saltyshima Rei

I joined Mr Yu's chem class at the end of sec 2 and was able to understand the subject due to his detailed explanations of each and every topic... read more

Jess Teo Avatar
Jess Teo

As Brad Henry said "A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil love of learning."Teachers at TSA have been of great help to my boys. The lessons... read more

Joshua Tan Avatar
Joshua Tan

The tutor Mr Yu is super friendly and his revision mind maps are very concise and comprehensive

russell foo Avatar
russell foo

The owner, Mr Nicholas Yu, is not only a very caring and thoughtful person that can connect with his students very well, but in appropriate times he is able to... read more

Cheerina Lim Avatar
Cheerina Lim

Mr Yu’s lessons are always engaging and he makes chem less stressful! He is very passionate about the subject and will always ensure our doubts are clarified. My grades improved... read more

Bertran Lim Avatar
Bertran Lim

So good.

Valerie Tan Avatar
Valerie Tan

Before I started attending chem lessons with Mr Yu at the end of S3, I honestly really hated this subject. I could never find a suitable or good way to... read more

Michelle Yap Avatar
Michelle Yap

Mr Yu and Mr Teo,It was a great 2 years with TSA for my years. From a failed or borderline grade in Sciences, my DD science jumped 2-3 grades in... read more

Jeridius Chua Avatar
Jeridius Chua

Dedicated tutors who bond well with students and are flexible in allowing students to join other classes.

H S.J Avatar

It is not just education that exist in TSA, its the environment that students can learn well in that exists here as well. In fact, that is extremely hard to... read more

Wong Yin Rong Avatar
Wong Yin Rong

A great place to learn 🌻

kyra :D Avatar
kyra 😀

Mr Yu is a fantastic tutor who helped me jump 5 grades within the span of a few months! I used to struggle with Chemistry concepts to the point where... read more

T Nicholas Avatar
T Nicholas

The tutor Mr Yu is super friendly and he has helped me greatly in my chemistry. The lessons are fun, interactive and extremely beneficial to all. The mindmaps and resources... read more

Glenda Choy Avatar
Glenda Choy

It has been a great experience in TSA

fionna hu Avatar
fionna hu

great place for science tuition classes

Dyan Koh Avatar
Dyan Koh

I first met Mr Yu when I was a Secondary three student in November 2020. At that point, I was constantly failing chemistry with a F9 for the whole Secondary... read more

Michelle Chong Avatar
Michelle Chong

Mr Yu & Mr Teo , both are professional ,responsible & caring teachers . Both teachers taught my 2 daughters well . I strongly recommend Tsa

Cynthia L. Avatar
Cynthia L.

I would like to thank the tutors and the team in TSA for enhancing my son’s academic experience. The tutors in TSA keeps their lessons effective, engaging and fun. The... read more

Leia Loh Avatar
Leia Loh

we as students need to let mr teo feel handsome!

bonnie chua Avatar
bonnie chua

it has been a great experience in TSA!!

Daryl Lai Avatar
Daryl Lai

I learnt chem

Toni Beancurd Avatar
Toni Beancurd

It’s really fun

Ryan Chua Avatar
Ryan Chua

I have been with Mr Yu since S3 and I completely attribute my consistently high chem grades to his fantastic teaching. What makes him so unique is his passion BOTH... read more

Terry Toh Avatar
Terry Toh

Mr Teo and Mr Yu are equally experienced and professional tutors. They made sure all concepts taught are easy to understand for all the students and they have helped my... read more

Kennan Neo Avatar
Kennan Neo

Mr Teo and Mr Yu are both very passionate teachers and care deeply for their students. Their teaching is simple and easy to understand. The years I have spent with... read more


This centre offers triple science, a perfect opportunity to propel your grades!!🤩👍🏻

janet teo congrats ! Avatar
janet teo congrats !

Mr Teo and Mr Yu are professional teachers who are passionate with subjects that they’re teaching.Prior to joining TSA, my daughter had little confidence and did not have interest in... read more

darlene Avatar

mr yu is a very meticulous teacher and is committed to making sure his students grasp concepts fully. he also sets aside additional time for consults to enable students to... read more

Thaarini Mohan Avatar
Thaarini Mohan

I joined TSA at the end of sec 3 and felt that I may have joined tuition too late and so won’t have enough time to work on my entire... read more

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