The study of science helps us understand the world around us, but at times, the simplest of questions may have the most complex answers.
That’s where we can help. At The Science Academy, we’re here to help you make sense of the science.

Our programme focuses on quality learning, guiding students through difficult concepts using simple and easy-to-understand terms.
Classes are available every day. 

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General Science

The Building Blocks of Science.
A strong foundation in the sciences should start from young.

Our general science programme aims to inspire the excitement for discovery in our younger students.


The Central Science.
Chemistry is the study of matter and their interactions to form new substances.

Our Chemistry programme levels the steep learning curve of the subject by imparting rock-solid foundational principles.


The Mother of All Sciences.
Physics is the study of forces and energy, and how they influence every day phenomena.

Our Physics programme nurtures our students’ physical intuition and imagination with vivid examples drawn from everyday life.


The Language of the Universe
Mathematical skills are the foundation upon which the sciences are built.

Our Mathematics programme promotes mathematical literacy by taking a strong visual approach.


The Science of Life
Biology is the study of all living organisms and their inner workings.

Our Biology programme goes beyond memorising and integrates concepts between chapters. Our multi-faceted approach enables students to explore the dynamic landscape of this subject.

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