Secondary Physics

O Level Physics Tuition

Our Physics programme nurtures our students’ physical intuition and imagination through the use of vivid examples drawn from everyday life.

Physics Secondary School Tuition

Physics is a subject that requires both mathematical competency and a strong imagination to understand the phenomenon being studied. Its difficulty lies in translating physical intuition into a mathematical or written description.   Our physics programme breaks down complex physical processes into easily comprehensible parts, while maintaining accuracy and rigour.

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Our Secondary Physics Tutors Mr Teo, Mr Tham

Mr Teo

  • Has over 10 years teaching experience in private tuition and at an integrated programme school.
  • Understands the pitfalls and challenges faced by students when it comes to understanding mathematical concepts
  • Developed his own means of understanding physical phenomena and hopes to impart this knowledge to his students.
  • Graduated from Osaka University with a Masters in Physics

Mr Tham

  • Driven by the curiosity to learn beyond what is required to gain mastery over a subject.
  • Understands the obstacles students face and comes up with personalised strategies to help each student excel.
  • Strives to cultivate a passion for Science and Mathematics in his students.
  • Devotes himself to his students and ensures none of their doubts go unanswered.

‘O’ Level Physics Tuition

Here at The Science Academy, we empower your child to stay one step ahead and be ready to tackle ‘O’ Level Physics. Physics is a subject which requires both mathematical competency as well as a strong imagination to understand the phenomenom being studied. Through our dedicated tutors, we introduce and ease your child into each new physics topic, ensuring that they are never lost during their school term. We strive to connect theories to real world examples, ensuring that your child will be confident answering any ‘O’ Level Physics questions.

Why Our Students Score “A”s in ‘O’ Level Physics

Taking ‘O’ Level Physics tuition classes at The Science Academy is unlike any other. We provide quality in-house learning materials that simplify Physics concepts while equipping your child with problem-solving skills. . At the same time, our out of class support such as video resources ensures that they have the support needed to tackle a topic at their optimum learning pace. Finally, for each secondary physics topic, we include subject retention techniques that empower your child to bring forth all that they have learnt, in the ‘O’ Level Physics examination.

The Preferred Secondary Physics Tuition Centre

Still unsure which secondary physics tuition centre to pick? Get in touch with us and find out how our teaching methodologies can keep your child one step ahead of the competition. Better yet, book a trial class with us to see why our students enjoy learning with us!

Our Students, Our Pride

Hear what our students have to say.

Mr Teo is one of the most dedicated tutors i have had, although he can be forgetful and busy, he can always find the time to help you with your work. this was very important to me when it came closer to my o level examinations as his constant support and guidance helped me through that tough period. he has also made math classes sound less boring than they seem. he is able to make it such a comfortable atmosphere for students to learn in, unless you did not do your homework, then it’s a different story

Ryan Chua

Mr Teo lessons are enjoyable and easy to understand. He tries his best to help his students whenever they have questions. Although my time there is short, my understanding in physics has improved greatly.

Nefin Chang

Mr Teo puts in a lot of time and effort in ensuring his students understand what they are learning. Although my time there is short, he has helped me improve in physics. He spent time helping me understand physics and teaching me how to apply my knowledge. He has made me confident in my abilities.

Reina Lee

I joined Mr Yu’s class in Primary 5 and have been taught by him for my entire Secondary School journey. I still remember when I first joined, I was failing my Sciences badly, but under his teaching, I have managed to improve tremendously to an A1. He would cite interesting examples and techniques such as “Another LaZy White Cat In Norway” which would help us in memorising things better, hence making learning interesting and fun!

Mayvis Chua

Before joining TSA, i was really struggling with the basics of chemistry. With a mere expectation to pass chemistry, i still did not manage to do so, and i hated chemistry to core....not until now. After joining TSA and into Mr Yu's class in June 2019, the lessons and resource provided were very useful and it set my foundations right. Mr Yu's class made chemistry class so much more exciting and its safe to say that i really love chemistry now.

Koor Jaye

When i first joined Mr Yu's class in Primary 5 i was sort of scared of him as he was damn strict. But over the years as i got used to his lessons and learnt not to piss him off, it was extremely useful and i managed to secure distinctions for my sciences throughout the years.

Daryl Lai

Even though I had only been with Mr Yu for a few months, not only had my biology grades but my interest for bio also increased!! His teaching style takes a more interesting approach than the usual teachers in school and he always gives us tips to help us understand the chapter better. Even though he may be scary sometimes, he always makes sure that every student enjoys his lesson and that you leave the class feeling great!!!

Devika Prem

I first came to mr yu as a student for a trial lesson because my chem was horrendous. after the first lesson, what i learnt in 2 hours was more than what i understood in school, with mr yu teaching in a comical funny way and his “1million dollar drawings”. i came out of class not only feeling embarrassed of my horrible drawings compared to his, but i came out with so much more understanding of the topic. hence i decided to join mr yu!

Bonnie Chua

Before joining TSA, I was met with countless setbacks and failures in Secondary 3 due to missing much of the academic year. As a result, my foundation for all the subjects were very weak, especially for chemistry.

Charles Lee

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