Secondary Maths Tuition

At The Science Academy, we prepare your child to take on their Lower Secondary Maths (Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 Mathematics) and give them the confidence to excel in class. Making the switch from model-based curriculum in Primary Maths to the heavily algebraic approach in Secondary Maths can be challenging. Through our dedicated tutors, we introduce and ease your child into each new Maths topic so that they keep up with their lessons during their school term. Then, we reinforce concepts through increasingly complex problems so that they can broaden their knowledge and develop their skills in critical thinking. Additionally, when solving a math question, we ensure that your child approaches it from multiple perspectives and is comfortable with various problem solving techniques.

As a Ministry of Education (MOE) registered tuition centre, our curriculum for Secondary Maths tuition in Singapore i is designed to meet the standards and guidelines of the MOE’s Secondary Maths syllabus. Rest assured that your child is in capable hands and has a competitive edge in class.

Secondary School Maths Tuition

Our secondary maths tuition centre classes make concepts easy to understand and fun to apply.

Secondary Math Tuition

Algebra, with its rules and structure, can be confusing to new students. Making the switch from the model-based curriculum in Primary Maths to the heavily algebraic approach of secondary school can be a challenging feat.


At The Science Academy, our well-scaffolded and progressive curriculum ensures that students build up their knowledge and proficiency in an organic and intuitive manner. Our visual approach allows students to remember concepts more clearly and removes the tedium from question drilling.


With a strong support system even beyond the stipulated class timings, we’re fully committed to realising our students’ full potential.

Our Secondary Maths TuitionTime Table

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*Classes at Tampines may either be conducted at Our Tampines Hub, or at an auxilliary location.

Price of Our Secondary Maths Tuition in Singapore

These are the rates of our Secondary Maths tuition programmes per month, which consists of four lessons.

Level Rate per Month (4 sessions)
Secondary 1 & 2 S$270 (w gst)

Our Secondary Maths Tuition Tutor

Our Secondary Maths tutor works to guide lower secondary students in understanding maths concepts that will help build their foundation for advanced mathematics and even other branches of science.

Mr Teo Wei Ren

  • Graduated from Osaka University with a Masters in Physics
  • Has over 10 years teaching experience in private tuition and at an integrated programme school.
  • Understands the pitfalls and challenges faced by students when it comes to understanding mathematical concepts
  • Discovering his love for the Sciences gave him the motivation and drive to see Maths in a different light
  • Mr Teo also teaches our in our Science tuition programmes including Secondary Physics tuition

Advantages of Enrolling in Our Secondary Maths Tuition

Enrolling in our Secondary Maths tuition comes with numerous benefits for lower secondary school students:

1. Additional practice in Maths skills


Being skilled in Mathematics requires a lot of practice, and with Secondary Maths tuition, your child can get all the practice they need with guidance from their tutors. If your child is struggling with specific topics or have fallen behind in certain topics, math tuition can provide additional support. A tutor can identify and address gaps in their knowledge and provide extra assessments to help improve their grade.

2. Clear understanding of Maths equations and problems


Our tutors can help students get a clearer understanding of equations and Maths problems by delivering topics in a more comprehensible way. We help ease them into every topic through various teaching methods so that they are able to take in what they have learned and retain the information. They can explain complex topics in a simplified manner, clarify doubts and guide you through problem-solving techniques, leading to increased confidence in approaching math questions.

3. Learning from experienced tutors


At The Science Academy, you can rest assured  that your child is in capable hands. We have tutors who have helped numerous secondary school students develop their skills in Maths and strengthen their foundation to succeed in their exams. They strive to promote a learning environment where students can grow academically in a learning pace that is most comfortable for them while still being able to achieve their academic goals.

4. Access to additional learning resources


When enrolling in our Secondary Maths tuition programme, your child can get access to our various learning resources to supplement their learning. We have video lectures, tutorials, and many other resources they can use to review or broaden their knowledge on Secondary Maths topics.

5. Improved confidence in Maths skills


When students gain a better understanding of their lessons through our Secondary Maths tuition and improve their performance in school, they will become more confident in the subject. We strive to empower each student to have a more positive attitude towards Maths and nurture their interest in the subject so that they are more willing to take on more challenging concepts.

6. Better exam performance


Ultimately, we strive to equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve the best result possible in their Maths exams. We have practice tests that cover topics that would come up in their exams and work closely with them to refine their skills in areas where they may require further improvement. Our tutors can also familiarise you with the exam format, teach time management skills and offer tips for tackling maths questions effectively.

What to Expect in Our Secondary Maths Tuition in Singapore

Taking our Secondary Maths tuition classes at The Science Academy is unlike any other. Here are what you can expect from our programme:

• Our small teacher-student ratio allows our tutor to attend to the learning needs of each student so that they can keep up with their lessons. We also have private tuition for students that require one-on-one lessons from our tutor.

• We provide quality in-house learning materials that simplify math concepts while sharpening your child’s mind to tackle more complex questions.

• With every 2-hour session at our Secondary Maths tuition, our tutor will cover topics in the Lower Secondary Maths syllabus so that your child is equipped with the skills and knowledge to get ahead in their classes.

• Our out-of-class support, such as 24/7video resources, ensures that they have the support needed to tackle a topic at their optimum learning pace.

• Students can expect homework assistance and exam preparation from our tutors so that they can be guided in achieving excellent results

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Secondary Maths Tuition

Why choose TSA for Secondary Maths tuition in Singapore?

Our Secondary Maths tuition centre is registered with the Ministry of Education and our programme is tailored to cover the Lower Secondary Maths syllabus, ensuring your child stays on course. Furthermore, we employ a variety of teaching techniques to enhance your child’s grasp of different maths concepts and help them succeed in their classes and exams. Most importantly, our experienced tutors have a good track record with 5 star reviews.

How do you assess and track the progress of students in your Secondary Maths tuition classes?

Our tutor can monitor the progress of each student as we maintain a low teacher-student ratio in every class. Additionally, we foster a supportive atmosphere where students feel at ease to discuss their individual challenges and ask questions. This enables our tutors to cater to their unique learning needs and help them keep up with their lessons.

What teaching methods do you use to help Secondary Maths tuition students learn better?

To facilitate better learning for each of our students, we utilise a range of interactive teaching methods with every class. We understand that each student possesses distinct strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning. That’s why we use diverse approaches to assist them in knowledge retention, including engaging discussions, group activities, and more.

How do you ensure that your Secondary Maths tuition services remain relevant to Singapore’s school Maths syllabus and exam questions?

Our tuition centre makes certain that our curriculum is in line with the Ministry of Education’s Lower Secondary Mathematics syllabus. This ensures that our students are on the right track with their lessons and get a headstart during the school term. Moreover, we modify our curriculum as required to ensure that we consistently meet the academic benchmarks set by the MOE.

How can I enrol my child in your Secondary Maths tuition programme?

To enrol your child in our Secondary Math tuition classes, you can contact us by filling out our enquiry form. We will then get in touch with you to discuss your child’s preferred programme schedule. Once all the necessary information and details have been finalised, your child’s enrollment will be processed.

What is your policy on cancellations or rescheduling of Secondary Maths tuition lessons?

We understand that unexpected circumstances or emergencies can happen at any time. If your child is unable to attend their Secondary Maths tuition lessons, please let our centre know ahead of time so that alternative arrangements can be made.

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