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Ignite your child’s interest in Science from a young age.

Primary School Science Tuition

With primary level science, the difficulty lies not in understanding the concept but rather the method of answering the questions.


Here at TSA, we employ a methodical approach to reach a specific targeted learning outcome. We ensure that students learn the skill in understanding the questions and answering them in the right way.


TSA is more than just a classroom, we believe in inculcating healthy habits that incites the inquisitivity of students. We offer a safe space for them to question their doubts and curiousity.

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Our Students, Our Pride

I joined this class in April right after stepping down from CCA, just a month before mid years because I was getting really desperate for help.. I hit the rock bottom in Sec 3 EOYs by getting F9 for chemistry LOL (i kept comforting myself by saying that cedar papers are just crazy hard...) I just knew that I couldn't afford to lose more time!!! I went to TSA religiously and managed to clinch a C5 for mid years! Their efficient and systematic teaching style helped me rid my hatred for Chemistry as I could actually grasp concepts quickly.

Ra Yeojin

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