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Primary School Maths Tuition

Give your child a strong foundation in mathematics with our math tuition primary classes.

Maths Enrichment For Primary School

Math at primary level has evolved to more than just simply solving arithmetic questions. Both logical and creative methods needs to be applied in order to truly score well.


TSA, offers step by step processes to understanding concepts and many practices to ensure that students learn what is needed. We also encourage students to think out of the box to let them understand that there is no one solution and to explore different approaches to a single problem.


We believe that math is more than just numbers. It relies heavily on language as well. TSA aims to help students understand the language and keywords used in math to better help them answer the questions.

Primary Maths Tuition Time Table


Kindly click on the Day/Time you’re interested in to enquire about our Primary Maths tuition classes.

Our Tampines Hub*

Level Class Description Tutor Day / Time
Primary 5 Mathematics Ms Peh Friday
5.30 PM – 7.30 PM

*Classes at Tampines may either be conducted at Our Tampines Hub, or at an auxilliary location.

Our Tutors for Primary Science Tuition – Mr Teo

Mr Teo

  • Graduated from Osaka University with a Masters in Physics.
  • Has over 10 years of teaching experience in private tuition and at an integrated programme school.
  • Understands the pitfalls and challenges faced by students when it comes to understanding mathematical concepts.
  • Developed his own means of understanding physical phenomena and hopes to impart this knowledge to his students.

Our Students, Our Pride

I joined this class in April right after stepping down from CCA, just a month before mid years because I was getting really desperate for help.. I hit the rock bottom in Sec 3 EOYs by getting F9 for chemistry LOL (i kept comforting myself by saying that cedar papers are just crazy hard...) I just knew that I couldn't afford to lose more time!!! I went to TSA religiously and managed to clinch a C5 for mid years! Their efficient and systematic teaching style helped me rid my hatred for Chemistry as I could actually grasp concepts quickly.

Ra Yeojin

PSLE Math Tuition

Here at The Science Academy, we empower your child to stay one step ahead and be ready to tackle PSLE math. Through our dedicated tutors, we introduce and ease your child into each new math topic, ensuring that they are never lost during their school term. After, we reinforce concepts through increasingly complex problems. Additionally, when solving a math question, we ensure that your child approaches it from multiple perspectives and is comfortable with various problem solving techniques.

Why Our Students Score “A”s in PSLE Math

Taking primary math tuition classes at The Science Academy is unlike any other. We provide quality in-house learning materials that simplify math concepts while sharpening your child’s mind to tackle more complex questions. At the same time, our out of class support such as video resources ensures that they have the support needed to tackle a topic at their optimum learning pace. Finally, for each primary math topic, we include subject retention techniques that empower your child to bring forth all that they have learnt, in the PSLE math examination.

The Preferred Primary Math Tuition Centre

Still unsure which primary math tuition centre to pick? Get in touch with us and find out how our teaching methodologies can keep your child one step ahead of the competition. Better yet, book a trial class with us to see why our students enjoy learning with us!

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