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The Science Academy is a Ministry of Education (MOE) – accredited Physics tuition centre in Singapore that strives to help students achieve their academic goals and thrive in their Physics studies. Being MOE-accredited means that our tuition centre has met the standards set by the Ministry regarding curriculum, teaching methods, and overall learning experience of our students. Our goal is to impart advanced skills in physics to our students, giving them a headstart for the new school year.


Here’s why students in Singapore have chosen to enrol in our Physics tuition programmes:


  • 90.5% of our students scored A1, A2, or B3 in their O Level Exams
  • 53.2% score an A1/A2
  • Students get unlimited access to an online learning portal filled with video explanations on past year papers and other learning resources

Excel in Physics with the Help Of Our Physics Tuition in Singapore


At The Science Academy, we understand that Physics can be challenging for many students. The subject requires mathematical proficiency and an understanding of scientific concepts to arrive at an answer. As such, our Physics tuition follows a curriculum that breaks down these complex processes, making them easier to grasp while ensuring accuracy.


Our experienced tutors have helped numerous students in Singapore on their academic journey, making sure they are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to feel empowered to succeed in the subject.  We offer O Level Physics tuition for secondary school students and A Level Physics tuition for Junior college students.


Give your child the confidence to take on their Physics subjects in the upcoming academic year by enrolling them at The Science Academy today!

Physics Tuition Time Tables


Check out the time table of our Physics tuition classes and choose a suitable schedule for you.


Physics Secondary School Tuition


Here is a time table of our O Level Physics Tuition. Kindly click on the Day/Time you’re interested in enrolling.

A Level Physics Tuition


Here is a time table of our A Level Physics Tuition. Kindly click on the Day/Time you’re interested in enrolling.

Prices for Our Physics Tuition Programmes


These are the rates of our Physics tuition programmes per month, which consists of four lessons.

Our Physics Tutors in Singapore


At The Science Academy, we have qualified and exemplary tutors who are dedicated to fostering our students’ knowledge and skills in Physics.

Mr Teo Wei Ren


Mr Teo, one of our resident Physics tutors, understands the struggles students experience when learning mathematics as he had a similar experience in his lower secondary years. However, after discovering his passion for the sciences, he was motivated to see numbers in the same light and has excelled in mathematics ever since. Since then, he has acquired a Master’s in Physics from Osaka University and accumulated over ten years of experience teaching Physics. He has worked at an Integrated Programme (IP) school and in private tuition, empowering students to develop a love for learning the sciences. Knowing the pitfalls and difficulties students face regarding this subject, he developed his means of understanding physical phenomena and now works to share his knowledge with his students.

Mr Jared Tham 


Mr Jared Tham has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Aeronautics, and wants to share his passion for Science and Mathematics to his students. Initially driven by his curiosity to learn beyond what is required, he strives to motivate his students to have the same attitude toward learning and gain more confidence in adapting as they learn. Furthermore, he understands the obstacles that students face in Physics, so he helps them develop personalised strategies to help them thrive during tuition classes and beyond.


Benefits of Enrolling in Our Physics Tuition in Singapore


Here are some of the benefits secondary and junior college students gain from enrolling in our Physics tuition programme:

1. Improved understanding and retention of Physics concepts

Our Physics tutors introduce and ease students into the concepts and theories of every new topic, ensuring they can understand and keep up with their peers. We also include subject retention techniques to strengthen their foundation in learning and apply what they have learned through their academic journey.

2. Enhanced critical thinking skills

In Physics tuition, students have the opportunity to exercise their critical thinking skills, which is critical for excelling in Physics. They are given activities that allow them to analyse and evaluate information, use logical reasoning, and problem-solve using Physics concepts and mathematics.

3. Better academic performance

The Science Academy has a proven track record of helping students achieve academic success, with 70% distinction in O Level Physics. Our teaching method focuses on making complicated Physics concepts and processes easy to understand for each of our students while still maintaining rigour.

4. Preparation for future academic pursuits

Enrolling in our Physics tuition can help equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in higher education. Building a strong foundation in physics allows them to thrive in their academic pursuits, especially in Physics or other related fields.

5. Enriched learning experience

Our Physics tuition classes give students an enriched learning experience through engaging teaching methods and real-world applications. By using learning strategies that help stimulate students’ minds, we nurture their interest in the subject.

6. Access to comprehensive learning materials

When a student is enrolled in our Physics tuition programme, they gain access to our library of resources and tools to supplement their learning. That way, they can review what they have learned or broaden their knowledge on the topics they have learned during classes or tutoring sessions.

What to Expect From Our Physics Tuition


Our Physics tuition classes in Singapore provide students with a challenging and rewarding learning experience that enables them to develop a strong foundation and achieve their full potential. We have a small student-teacher ratio so that each student is given attention and support by our Physics tutors. Furthermore, our Physics tutors listen to students’ personal projects and guide them throughout their path to learning.


At The Science Academy, we promote an environment where students are given the opportunity to ask questions and even receive individual feedback from the tutors. We also provide private tuition where students get one-on-one lessons from tutors, so they can get more targeted help to improve on topics they may struggle with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Physics Tuition

1. Why choose TSA for Physics Tuition in Singapore?

If you’re looking for a Physics tuition programme that will prepare your child for their O Levels and A Levels, then you should enrol them in a MOE-accredited Physics tuition centre. Our accreditation is evidence of our effective teaching methodologies that help our students thrive academically. We have experienced Physics tutors committed to guiding secondary and junior college students in learning Physics concepts and going in-depth on these topics in a way that is easy to understand while still maintaining its rigour. Students have access to our quality in-house learning materials, including video resources, that support them in tackling a topic at their own pace.

2. What teaching methods do you use to help Physics tuition students prepare better?

The Science Academy uses a wide range of teaching methods in our tuition classes that promote learning retention and help develop critical thinking skills in secondary and junior college Physics students. Our methodologies include interactive discussions, problem-solving exercises through real-world applications, personalised learning, and more.

3. How do you ensure that your Physics tuition services remain relevant to Singapore’s O or A Level Science syllabus?

Being an accredited Physics tuition centre in Singapore by the Ministry of Education, we ensure that our curriculum adheres to the current O and A Level syllabus so that students are on track with their lessons. We make sure to adjust our curriculum when necessary to meet the academic standards of the Ministry of Education.

4. How can I enrol my child in your Physics tuition programme?

You can enrol your child in any of our Physics tuition courses by sending us a message through our enquiry form. After that, we will send you a message to discuss your child’s preferred programme schedule. Enrolment will be finalised once all the information and details have been finalised.

5. What is your policy on cancellations or rescheduling of Physics tuition lessons?

We understand that unexpected circumstances or emergencies can happen at any time, and thus adopt a flexible policy within reasonable notice. If your child is unable to attend their Physics tuition lessons, please let our centre know ahead of time so that alternative arrangements can be made. We strive to encourage our students in all situations, and to provide adequate support so they continue to feel confident in learning.

The Preferred Physics Tuition Centre


Still unsure which Physics tuition centre in Singapore to pick? Get in touch with us and find out how our teaching methodologies can keep your child one step ahead of the competition. Better yet, book a trial class with us to see why our students enjoy learning with us!