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The Science Academy is a reputable and established MOE-registered Private Maths Tuition centre in Singapore. With over 10 years of professional experience, you can trust us to provide the highest standards of Private Maths Tuition that guarantees academic excellence.


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Introduction To Our Private Maths Tuition Programme

Mathematics is a fundamental subject that students encounter at various levels of their education. However, many students struggle with grasping complex Maths concepts and formulas. Enrolling in a private Maths tuition programme can be the best solution to improve their performance. It also provides students with an opportunity to learn at their own pace. Unlike a traditional in-group classroom setting, private tuition allows students to progress through the material at a speed that is comfortable for them. This can be beneficial to those who require extra time to understand certain concepts or those who desire to progress faster than their peers. Overall, getting a Private Maths Tuition can help students develop a strong foundation in Maths and set them up for success in their academic and professional lives.


At The Science Academy, we cover a range of private Maths tuition subjects and levels, including Primary School Maths, Lower Secondary School Maths, Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, and A Level Mathematics. Enrol your child in their preferred private Maths tuition programme and help them take a leap towards achieving their full mathematical potential today.


  • Private tuition with TSA will be conducted in our tuition centre at Toa Payoh.
  • Tutors will speak with the parent and/or student to understand their needs prior to enrollment.
  • Students may communicate with tutors before the session on the particular areas they need help in.
  • If students do not have any particular requirement, the tutor will teach using the syllabus.
  • Students may choose to purchase TSA’s learning materials or bring their own materials for tutors to go through with them.

Our Private Mathematics Tutors

Mr Teo Weiren

  • Has over 10 years teaching experience in private tuition and at an integrated programme school.
  • Understands the pitfalls and challenges faced by Maths students when it comes to understanding mathematical concepts
  • Developed his own means of understanding physical phenomena and hopes to impart this knowledge to his students.
  • Graduated from Osaka University with a Masters in Physics

Benefits Of The Science Academy’s Private Maths Tuition

More Targeted Help

Private tuition allows for one-on-one interaction with our expert Mathematics tutor, enabling students to easily ask questions, receive immediate feedback, and learn at their own pace.

Access To Comprehensive Notes

We provide an extensive range of in-house learning materials, which are available both on-site and online, designed to provide students with additional learning resources to gain a mathematical advantage in class.

Enhanced Technical And Analytical Skills

We provide Maths activities that exercise students’ technical and analytical skills, enabling them to tackle complex mathematical problems with ease. These skills also translate to other subjects, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities for success in future academic and professional endeavours.

Learn Proper Structuring/Answering Techniques

Learning proper structuring and answering techniques in Maths is just as important as knowing the correct answers. These skills help students better organise their work, present solutions clearly, and communicate their reasoning effectively.

Open Communication

Private Maths classes provide a comfortable setting for students to voice their needs and ask questions to their private tutors without fear of judgement. This approach helps students build confidence and understanding in their mathematical abilities, leading to a more productive learning experience.

Build Self-confidence

By receiving the proper guidance and support in learning Maths, students can build a strong foundation of knowledge and confidence in the subject. This helps encourage students to be active and engaged learners in class, resulting in improved academic performance and better marks.

What To Expect From Our Private Maths Tuition In Singapore


Student-to-teacher Ratio

We offer Private Maths one-on-one classes with our skilful Mathematics tutors, providing students with a highly personalised learning experience. This enables tailored teaching approaches and learning materials to the specific needs and learning styles of each student.


H3 Additional Support

We offer exceptional assistance and comprehensive support beyond the typical private Maths tuition programme. This includes supplementary learning materials such as practice sheets and mock exams to aid in their preparation, as well as access to our extensive academic library to enhance their learning experience.


Duration And Frequency Of Classes

We conduct Private Maths tutoring sessions on weekday afternoons, each lasting for 1.5hours to maintain consistent learning for our students.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Maths Tuition In Singapore

Why choose TSA for private Math tuition in Singapore?

At TSA, we strive to offer your child the best possible private Maths tuition experience. Our teaching methods are strategically designed to ensure effective learning, and we offer a wide range of learning resources to equip your child with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in Maths. Additionally, we maintain a comfortable and nurturing environment that fosters academic growth and supports your child beyond tuition classes.

How do you assess and track the progress of students in your private Math tuition classes?

To monitor the progress of our students, we use formative assessments and a variety of learning materials such as worksheets, interactive Maths activities, and mock tests. This helps us identify specific areas where they excel and which ones need improvement. Additionally, our private Mathematics tutors maintain regular communication with parents to ensure that their child is on track to achieve their desired grades.

What teaching methods do you use to help private Math tuition students learn better?

Our private Mathematics tutors carefully evaluate each student’s learning style and abilities to customise their teaching approach accordingly. To make Maths concepts more engaging and accessible, we utilise a variety of teaching tools such as visual aids, real-world examples, and hands-on activities. Additionally, we frequently provide feedback and encourage active learning to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

How do you ensure that your private Math tuition services remain relevant to Singapore’s school science syllabus and exam questions?

We closely monitor the Ministry of Education’s latest updates to ensure our private Maths tuition programme aligns with the latest curriculum and exam formats. We provide customised lesson plans and materials that reflect the changing demands of the Mathematics syllabus in Singapore. By continually updating our services, we remain a top choice for students seeking quality private Maths tuition in Singapore.

How can I enrol my child in your private Math tuition programme?

You can submit an enquiry through our website or contact us directly on WhatsApp at +65 8655 5068. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through the enrollment process. During the consultation, we will discuss your chosen private Maths tuition programme and schedule to ensure a seamless enrolment process. We look forward to helping your child excel in Maths.

What is your policy on cancellations or rescheduling of private Math tuition lessons?

We understand that unforeseen situations and emergencies can arise. Should your child be unable to attend theirprivate Maths tuition lessons, please inform us as soon as possibleso that we can make alternative arrangements.

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