Is Science Tuition Necessary In Singapore?

Is Science Tuition Necessary In Singapore?

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It is undeniable that the pressure to excel in school is something that worries every student and parent. Some parents may want their children to have a head start, while others have children who are struggling to cope.

Tuition classes then become a point of interest for parents seeking to strengthen their child’s academic knowledge and skills. The trend of sending a child for tuition classes in Singapore is certainly not going to slow down anytime soon.

Why Science Tuition is in Demand

Science tuition is even more highly sought after as the competition to get into STEM-related courses in university is highly competitive.

Science subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology will require students to  master  complex concepts and processes. Science tuition will definitely give your child an advantage in tackling the challenges that come with learning science.

To put it into perspective, here are some reasons why science tuition is an added advantage for your child’s education.

It Reinforces Their Knowledge

Science tuition can undoubtedly reinforce your child’s existing knowledge which would also be covered during school science classes. As each student has a different learning pace, school teachers may not be able to accommodate all the students in one class specifically.

Therefore, there will be a variation in learning outcomes among different students. Fast learners will be able to absorb a majority of the materials while slower learners may only be able to absorb half of what was taught. This places them at a disadvantage as the class proceeds towards tests and new topics.

Science tuition classes usually provide comprehensive and in-depth discussion andpractice on a particular topic before proceeding to a new topic in the coming session. Students who attend tuition will thus have the opportunity to refresh, consolidate and also deepen their knowledge on each topic.

Biology plant growth for science tuition

It Gives your Child a Firm Foundation in the Sciences

Tuition centres usually offer an extensive list of classes beginning from the primary level up till junior college level for science subjects. Students who have the opportunity to begin their science tuition at a primary school level will no doubt have an edge when it comes to mastering science at a higher level.

Students who start science tuition early have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with more effective ways of learning science as memorisation alone is insufficient for a student to understand and score in science. Students must be comfortable analysing and connecting scientific concepts, while relating them to the real world.

Beyond understanding concepts, science tutors are also equipped to train your child in the proper answering techniques, as it is important that your child knows how to accurately explain.

Your child will not only learn to understand scientific concepts but also how to answer them in a precise, concise way.

Physics concept of magnetism for science tuition

It Helps Your Child Catch Up

Students often find themselves in a sink-or-swim situation when they are unable to catch up solely by attending classes at school. These students tend to panic when a big examination is looming.

Countless students have testified that science tuition classes gave them an unexpected boost even when they thought it was too late.

Tuition classes provide an environment where students can easily focus on the task at hand. Tuition centres often have rigorous examination preparation sessions before any big exams. Although your child may have missed out on classes before this, it is never too late for them to pick up key concepts and answering methods during revision with their science tutors.

Some students may at first be at the brink of failing but are able to improve with the extra support, picking up at least some knowledge and techniques which can help tremendously during exams to ensure that they are able to achieve a passing grade. Over time, the benefits of more intensive, appropriately paced assistance will help students become more proficient in the subject as a whole.

Experienced and Dedicated Tutors

Science tutors are an important factor in your child’s tuition experience. A good science teacher is someone who is experienced and dedicated to educating your child not only to score in exams but also to better understand how science works in the world around us.

Students can seek inspiration from their science tutors and use it as motivation to excel in their studies and beyond.

Compared to school teachers who may have a lot to juggle, science tutors are in a position where they can focus solely on improving and optimising their syllabuses and classes to cater to the needs of their students.


It Helps Your Child Think Outside The Box

Most tuition centres will have the flexibility of providing a syllabus that not only complements the school syllabus but also provides additional knowledge for their students.

A good science syllabus aims to help students think out of the box and not just within the narrow confines of what is taught in their textbooks. Students should be able to take away techniques to do well in their exams but also skills and knowledge to last them a lifetime.

Some other reasons why attending science tuition is a good choice for your child is that tuition classes also tend to have fewer students compared to the number of school students in a class. Science tutors are able to give their undivided attention to addressing their students’ questions and concerns.

Furthermore, tuition classes are usually conducted in different sessions throughout the week to cater to the schedules of their students. This will ensure that parents can plan their child’s activities and not have to worry about clashes, thus enabling them to choose the best science tuition for their children.

Introducing The Science Academy

The Science Academy (TSA) offers science tuition classes for general science, physics, chemistry, biology and also mathematics tuition. TSA classes cater to primary, secondary and also junior college students. Our tutors have a combined work experienced of more than 20 years and are more than happy to help your child on their journey into the amazing world of science.

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