Internal Assessment – 2024

June 2024 Internal Assessment

2024/05/27 09:30:00

Our holiday programme is back this June!

Keep your child’s learning momentum going this term break! Our June holiday programmes are specially curated for all students from Primary 5 – Primary 6, Secondary 1 – 4 and Junior College 1 – 2.

To ensure consistency in your students’ learning journey, we have incorporated internal assessments as part of our curriculum. We hope that this can close up any learning gaps in the previous term and identify areas the students can work on.


For non-TSA students, DM or whatsapp us to find out more information on the schedules and topics tested.

Benefits Of Joining Us

Simulation of Actual Exam

Students often do not have adequate practices under timed conditions. This cause them to be more nervous and have mental blocks or make careless mistakes during the actual prelims or national exams as they do not have enough experience completing the questions under stress. Our session can help to build stress resilience and ability to deal with exam mood.

Check Point for Preparation of End of Year Examinations

A common feedback we heard after the removal of mid-year exams is that it difficult to gauge their academic progress. By the time they do proper revision for the year exam examinations, they realise they are lacking in knowledge for the topics covered in earlier part of the year. Most of the time, these earlier chapters are foundation topics. With our internal assessment, feedback by the tutors will be given so that students can identify and work on weaker chapters. A clear understanding of them at an earlier stage would help them grasps future topics better.

Choice of Physical or Online Lesson

Our holiday programme is conducted both physically and online. You are encouraged to attend the session physically (subjected to availability of seats for the selected session) as it mimics the environment and experience of an actual test in school, with minimal distractions. However, you also have the option to attend it online, at the comfort of your homes should there be any reason you are unable to come physically.


9/10  students who joined our holiday programmes previously signed up to be a full-time student of TSA after the session.

Join us for one session to see why our students enjoy learning with us and witness the change in your child’s learning!


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