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The Science Academy (TSA) is a Ministry of Education (MOE) registered Biology tuition centre in Singapore that offers Biology tuition services for students who aim to get a head start on their science subjects. We have taught thousands of students in Singapore for over a decade and have earned a reputation as a centre for excellence for Biology tuition classes.


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  • We are a Ministry of Education (MOE) registered Biology tuition centre in Singapore.
  • High distinction rates for ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Exams
  • Get unlimited access to our online learning portal filled with valuable and educational video resources on all Biology-related topics you need.
  • Learn from the best biology tutors in Singapore!

Unleash Your Potential with TSA’s Biology Tuition Classes


Biology is the science and study of living organisms and their environmental interactions. It is a crucial field of study as it helps us understand the complex and diverse nature of life on our planet, from the tiniest microbes to the largest animals. Biology plays a vital role in fields such as medicine, agriculture, conservation, biotechnology, contributing to our understanding of diseases, food production, biodiversity, and the development of new technologies.


The Science Academy can help unleash the student’s full potential in learning and understanding Biology by offering tuition classes that pass the standards set by the MOE in Singapore. We are a reliable Biology tuition centre that can help students who need assistance with the subject or want to enhance their biology skills and knowledge.


With the help of our experienced Biology tutors, students can experience higher classroom engagement through our face-to-face classes. Our services include ’O’ Level biology tuition for secondary students and ’A’ Level Biology tuition for Junior College students who want to catch up with their studies or improve their results. Online classes are also available for students who prefer studying in their comfort zones.

Biology Tuition Timetable


TSA’s Biology tuition classes are conducted once a week.. You can view our classes and choose the one that fits your schedule.


Secondary Biology Tuition


Please choose your preferred Secondary Biology tuition below:

JC Biology Tuition


Please choose your preferred JC Biology tuition below:

Biology Tuition Fees


Our Biology tuition fees for secondary Biology classes start at $284 per subject, while the JC Biology classes start at $380 per subject. All classes are inclusive of four lessons and unlimited access to The Science Academy’s collection of educational resources.


Biology Tuition Tutors


The Science Academy strives to provide a learning experience that students will find informative and engaging. Our biology tutors play a big part in helping our students in Singapore get acquainted, and eventually master Biology.

Mr. Nicholas Yu


Students who are enrolled in our biology tuition programme will have a fun experience with Mr. Yu’s dynamic and student-centred classes in Singapore. His outstanding credentials include:


  • Has over 10 years teaching experience, starting off as a private home tutor and eventually progressing into coaching groups.
  • Has coached over 2000 students ranging from Primary to Junior College in Biology and Chemistry.
  • His students regularly achieve above national-level distinction rates.
  • Designed various mnemonics to help students remember daunting scientific concepts.
  • Maintains a discursive and humorous atmosphere in class.
  • Has a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences.

Benefits of Enrolling in The Science Academy’s Biology Tuition


When it comes to Biology tuition in Singapore, The Science Academy is the best choice for students who want to improve their academic performance. Enrol with us and experience the benefits of our biology tuition programme.

Proven Track Record

The Science Academy has a proven track record when it comes to producing students who achieve above average results in their ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level examinations.

Stay on Top of Academics

Students can stay on top of their academics and even gain one step ahead when they enrol in our Biology tuition programme. Our classes are aligned with the MOE syllabus in Singapore..

Effective Teaching Style

Our Biology tutors incorporate teaching pedagogies that are highly-engaging and effective in educating young learners in Singapore. Our Biology programmes go beyond memorising and marries concepts between chapters. On top of that, our tutors will also teach students the proper answering techniques so that they can identify the correct keywords the question is asking for and score well for their examinations.

Gain Access to a Comprehensive Collection of Academic Notes

TSA’s Biology tuition programme includes providing 24/7 access to a comprehensive selection of academic notes and videos that can help students revise Biology at your own pace..

Boost Confidence

We encourage classroom discussions, student participation, and a dynamic learning environment. By providing students with a safe and supportive environment, biology tuition enables them to engage in meaningful classroom discussions without fear of judgement. This helps to build their self-confidence and encourages them to ask questions that they may not have been able to do in a traditional classroom setting.

What to Expect When Enrolling in Our Biology Tuition


Optimal Student-Teacher Ratio


To ensure that each student receives a more personalised coaching and guidance from our Biology tutors, TSA maintains a small student-teacher ratio. Our small class sizes enable our tutors to effectively manage the class and to focus on each of our students’ needs.


Duration and Frequency of Classess


Our biology tuition programme offers flexible tutoring sessions to accommodate students’ schedules and individual needs. Students can choose from either physical lessons or online live-streaming lessons with weekly sessions lasting for two hours. This approach allows students to receive the necessary academic guidance from our experienced biology tutors, enabling them to excel in their studies while balancing their other commitments.


Convenient Biology Tuition Enrolment


Enrolling into TSA biology tuition programme is easy. Everything can bedone online, making it even more convenient!

Frequently Asked Questions About Biology Tuition in Singapore

Why choose TSA for biology tuition in Singapore?

When it comes to selecting the best Biology tuition centre for your child, choose an experienced tutor and most importantly one that your child feels comfortable with.Our tutors have more than a decade of experience and have coached more than 2000 students in Singapore.

What teaching methods do you use to help Biology tuition students prepare better?

Our Biology tuition programme uses a variety of teaching methods that help students grasp and retain information more effectively. Some of our teaching styles include personalised or one-on-one tutoring, technology-based lectures, interactive teaching, and more. Student participation in our classroom discussions are highly encouraged.

How do you ensure that your Biology tuition services remain relevant to Singapore’s Science syllabus?

The Science Academy is a Ministry of Education (MOE) registered tuition centre. Our lessons adhere to the current syllabus to ensure that students are right on track. Our Biology tuition centre is always up-to-date with the latest developments or changes in the syllabus to ensure that we are compliant with Singapore’s MOE academic standards.

How can I enrol my child in your biology tuition programme?

Enrolling in our biology tuition programme is easy. Simply send us a message via our enquiry form and we will send you a message to discuss your preferred biology tuition programme schedule. Once the enrolment process is finalised, your child will start their learning journey with us.

What is your policy on cancellations or rescheduling of biology tuition lessons?

We understand that unexpected circumstances or emergencies can happen at any time, and thus adopt a flexible policy within reasonable notice. If your child is unable to attend their Biology tuition lessons, please let our centre know ahead of time so that alternative arrangements can be made. We strive to encourage our students in all situations, and to provide adequate support so they continue to feel confident in learning Biology.

The Preferred Biology Tuition Centre in Singapore


Are you still unsure which Biology tuition centre is the best for your child? Send us a message so we can discuss how The Science Academy can help your child excel and unleash their full potential. You can also schedule a trial class with us to find out why TSA is the right choice.




Be one of The Science Academy’s students who have benefited from enrolling in our biology tuition programme! Find inspiration from our previous TSA students who are now confident and driven young achievers.