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With an emphasis on rationality, numeracy, and the spirit of inquiry, The Science Academy aims to impart advanced skills in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Our identity

We believe that learning is an ongoing journey and that challenges are simply a matter of perspective. With the right tools and a measure of perseverance, no mountain is too high to conquer.

This is what we do at The Science Academy – empower our students to challenge themselves and reach higher. We keep them ahead of the pack, supporting them every step of the way.

We position ourselves as a modern centre where students feel at ease to clarify their doubts. This is a space for discovering and sharing knowledge.


What makes us different
Being One Step Ahead
  • Giving students a head start on academic programmes by introducing topics even before they learn them at school
  • Focus on deeper understanding, retention and preparation for students’ best performance
Going The Extra Mile
  • Listens to their personal projects
  • Guides them throughout their academic journey
  • Practices an open-door policy for students eager to learn more or looking for extra support
  • Takes on a personal approach to develop students’ confidence and drive
Providing Resources
  • Provides a library of easily accessible resources
  • Permanent access to knowledge and help tools to support students at any time
Here at The Science Academy, we recognise the needs of each and every student.
You can trust that our tutors are there for you, be it in class or beyond.

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